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Bienvenue sur la page de presse de Yokato Yokabai ! Ici, vous trouverez les derniers articles, critiques et couvertures médiatiques mettant en avant notre expérience authentique d'izakaya japonais, nos plats délicieux et notre ambiance vibrante. Découvrez pourquoi Yokato Yokabai est un favori parmi les amateurs de gastronomie et les critiques.

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Huffington Post Québec

6 restaurants de ramens a montreal a essayer a tout prix
Vincent Dupont reviews six must-try ramen restaurants in Montreal, sharing his delightful experiences with the city's Japanese comfort food during the colder seasons.

Nouveaux kiosques gourmands au marché Jean-Talon

Ramen Salad Bowl with Fresh Ingredients
La Presse reports on new gourmet kiosks at Marché Jean-Talon, featuring Yokato Yokabai's cold ramen, Mazorca Mtl's Latin-inspired local cuisine, and Les Épices du guerrier's indigenous spice blends.

Best of MTL 2020: Food & Drink in Montreal

Restaurant Interior with Ramen Preparation Area
Cult MTL's Best of MTL 2020 showcases top Montreal food and drink venues, celebrating local culinary talents and emerging trends in a community-supported roundup.

The ultimate guide to the best delivery and takeout in Montreal

Time Out Montreal provides a comprehensive guide to the best takeout and delivery options, featuring top spots for meals from breakfast to dessert, emphasizing quality and variety.

Montreal’s Essential Ramen Restaurants

Spicy Ramen Bowl with Toppings
Eater Montreal's guide to the city's ramen scene showcases top venues for classic Japanese noodles. The article details where diners can find the best broth and noodle quality, exploring options from shio to tonkotsu. Venues like Umami offer plant-based delights, while traditional spots like Ramen Nakamichi emphasize rich, chicken-based broths.

Yokato Yokabai – Condé Nast Traveler

Yokato Yokabai 2018 image3
Condé Nast Traveler reviews Yokato Yokabai, a celebrated ramen spot in Montreal known for its authentic Japanese cuisine and inviting atmosphere, emphasizing its popularity and culinary excellence.

The Plateau Ramen Restaurant That Will Literally Blow Your Mind

Vegan Ramen Noodles with Vegetables
Michael D'Alimonte reviews Yokato Yokabai, praising its exceptional ramen. He highlights the authentic flavors and unique dining experience that make it a standout in Montreal's culinary scene.

A Guide to Montreal’s Best Ramen

yokato yokabai 5
The article highlights Montreal's ramen offerings, discussing regional styles and ingredients, influenced by critic Nico Fujita's extensive cultural insights.

Dining Out: Three Ottawa ramen newcomers impress with rich, flavourful soups

Peter Hum explores three exciting new ramen joints in Ottawa that diversify the local scene with unique and richly flavored offerings, aiming to reshape the city’s culinary landscape.